New Publication

Tratado de Direito do Ambiente Volume II & 2nd edition of Volume I

On World Soil Day, Lisbon Public Law Research Center is pleased to announce the publication of Volume II of the Tratado de Direito do Ambiente (Treaty on Environmental Law), edited by Carla Amado Gomes and Heloísa Oliveira, as well as the 2nd edition of Volume I, updated and with two new chapters.

Volume II, focusing on sectoral regimes of environmental law, including climate change, circular economy, biodiversity, water resources, marine environment, soil, subsoil and air, follows Volume I, which was dedicated to cross-cutting themes.

Volume II, which we now offer to the academic community, continues to pursue the goals that were encompassed by the entire work of the Treaty on Environmental Law: deepening the study in the area, in a thorough and transverse manner; boosting the creation of specialized faculty at the university; and making available, in open access, free of charge, both to the general public and to the legal community in particular, a reliable and up-to-date source of information on the protection of the environment in the Portuguese legal system. In this, we followed a multilevel approach, including sources of international, European Union and national law.