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The Lisbon Public Law Research Academy is a research community-based project designed to foster better learning and research experiences among the postgraduates (MSc and PhD students) in Law.

The organization of doctoral studies varies considerably among different disciplines, but the available bench-marks for Law portray a fairly conservative configuration of seminars and traditional supervision. The Research Academy hereby proposed embodies an innovative model and an attempt to overcome the culture of individuality and scarcity of outreach activities, offering further methodological leverages and transferable skills that can amplify the whole scholar experience.



The work plan for 2022-2023 includes modules in Research Methods, Transferable Skills and a Research Seminar in Formal Reasoning. The format for these modules is a workshop facilitated by an external consultant or academic. We deemed important to recruit trainers outside the world of law that can bring additional experience and research best practices from other areas of knowledge.

The different modules can be fine-tuned and recirculated in the future depending on interest and demand, therefore being available to students at different moments in their training path. Each module is self-contained, but the overall attendance would provide a wide overview for research development.




Sessions will be held in presence at the University of Lisbon School of Law, Arbitragem 2 Room.


The Research Academy spans a whole school year, starting from October 3rd, 2022.

Sessions will be held during after-labour hours every Monday and Thursday, from 18h30 until 20h30.

Each module will have between 2-3 sessions for Research Methods and Transferable Skills and 6 sessions for the Research Seminar, of 2 hours each.

Participants are allowed to engage in the full program or only specific modules, receiving an attendance certificate after completing the full program or the specific module. Completion requires attending ⅔ of the sessions in each module.


Target audience?

The Research Academy is targeted at postgraduates (MSc and PhD students) and junior/experienced researchers in all areas of Law, from the University of Lisbon Law School.

Participation in the Research Academy is free of charge, but registration is mandatory and limited up to 20 participants (in the presential mode only).

Candidates will be selected for admission based on their academic and/or professional background. Preference will be given to CIDP’s researchers.

During registration, participants will be asked to choose the modules they wish to attend and the participation format (presential vs Zoom). It is extremely important that the participants comply with the chosen mode until the end of the full program/specific module.


Lisbon Public Law Research Academy Governance

The governance of the Research Academy is run by a Board of Scholars representing the four research groups of the Lisbon Public Law research unit, adjuvated by an Executive Secretary.

The Research Academy Board composition for 2022/23 is the following:

David Duarte  Legal Theory and Philosophy of Law

Fernando Loureiro Bastos  International and European Law

Miguel Raimundo  Administrative Law

Pedro Sánchez  Constitutional Law and Political Science

Gonçalo Fabião  Executive Secretary